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2nd Choice – Cotton Bag "Make a change"

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I’m not perfect: This gorgeous tote bag from the Natural Collection is an eyecatcher at the farmer's market or at uni while being way more sustainable and sturdy than a plastic bag. Even with small imperfections such as uneven straps, weaving faults, diverging measurements and slight wear from storage, the cotton bag is practical, comfortable to carry and super stylish!

Please note: Our second choice items cannot be returned or refunded. If you should find any blemishes we missed to mention on the product page, please contact our customer service.




Bag: 38 cm | 42 cm

Straps: 70 cm | 2.5 cm

100 % cotton | Natural color | Imprint in White & Green

2nd choice: uneven straps, weaving faults, diverging measurements, slight wear from storage.

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