5 mindful hobbies | Our team tips


No matter how much or little time there is, we always tend to forget to take time for what’s really important: Ourselves. To change that, we want to introduce you to our favorite five mindful hobbies!

Lena | Hiking


The world is just outside the window. It would be a total waste to not go and explore it!
The whole exploring and vacation thing isn’t really possible at the moment, I get that. But we don’t have to go far to step out of our daily routines for a while. I just need my hiking boots, some snacks, a rain cape, a camera and my Wanderlust! The Alps would be the ideal destination but if they’re just too far away, I’m more than happy walking in the nearby mystical woods just outside the city. There’s so much room to breathe, explore and live in the moment. We just have to find it!

Maria | Cooking


I spent Lockdown 1 as an exchange student in Italy. That was the best and worst thing that could’ve happened to be honest.
Italy got hit hard very early on and I had to spend three months inside a pretty small flat with my flatmates. The same four walls, the same view, the same amount of hours in a day. But one thing was never the same: The inside of my fridge! I got to go to the supermarket once a week and shopped all the goods for the Italian recipes I researched during the week. I was still in Italy after all!
Italy still holds a big place in my heart. Until I get to eat my beloved Pasta in its home country, I am on a journey of perfecting the dish myself.

Melisa | Photography


Photography is a huge part of my life. I used to do it as a hobby, then professionally, forgot about it for a while and now it’s my favorite way of expressing myself.
I capture people and moments while drifting off into a whole different reality of my own. The everyday stress is muted, my mails forgotten and all the worries are gone. Photography allows me to recharge my batteries and to step into my life with a different perspective after a long shoot. Because if I look at my life with brand new eyes, it’s pretty damn great.

Janina | Biking


Biking is part of my everyday life in Münster. But instead of simply riding to work and the supermarket, I started to take my bikes – one to go fast, one to be comfy – outside the city centre. I only bring a couple of snacks, a book, my favorite playlists and lots and lots of time just for myself and my thoughts. I take my stress, boredom or frustration and bike it away while exploring all the beautiful places just outside my comfort zone.
In the past months, I’ve learned how good it feels to just start, keep going, take a break and enjoy the view.

Christina | Pottery


I have a lot of responsibility. Responsibility for the company, my business partners, my employees and for all the exciting projects. But I tend to forget one more thing, I have to feel responsible for: Myself.
If that doesn’t happen by itself, I have to make it happen. So I chose pottery as a hobby that’ll make me spend time with myself. I knead, roll and form the clay however I feel in the moment. And if it turns out rubbish, I simply declare it art or I start over. No responsibility in sight!

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