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A green home office makeover


Procrastination is just a trendy word for an “I really don’t want to start”-attitude and we really need to stop this trend because it’s not getting us anywhere. Once every social media platform has been scrolled through and every WhatsApp message is answered, we really don’t have any more excuses to not start with our tasks and to tick off all those to-dos! Leave the bad habits behind and start this year fresh with lots of inspiration, new designs and loads of green.


Conquer the chaos

You can only be motivated to work when you surround yourself with motivation. If you shouldn’t be the most work-enthusiastic person on earth right now, a new set-up for your workplace might just do the trick.

The first step would be to get rid of all the things you don’t need, that need to be filed and that only distract you. Declutter until your desk is clean and empty.


Start from nothing

Let’s start with a clean slate, shall we? Sometimes you just need to start from zero to let your inspiration flow and to get new ideas for a workspace that really gets you working on those projects of yours. You’ll be spending quite a good amount of time in this space, so you should surround yourself with things you like to look at. Choose a color scheme of your liking and that sets the right mood for a working day. For us, this means including as many green shades as possible into this grey January. 

Clever planning

Think about how you usually start your working day and what the essentials are. For us, this would definitely be coffee followed by a glass of water and a little snack to cover the hours until lunch time. Once the nutrition situation is sorted out, we are ready to plan the day with our workbook that reminds us of all the appointments and offers lots of space for notes and project ideas.

For a perfect overview and and that extra kick of motivation, the writing pad in a gorgeous greenery design is perfect and helps you to tick off all the to-dos and important dates. It also makes doodling and taking notes while on the phone way easier.

After finishing the first cup of coffee and water, it’s time for a refill and to really get working on the daily goals! Channel that new power in adding important notes and information with the help of some sticky notes. On top of all the necessities such as clips, pens and planners, your desk should also contain some real plants and decor. A small plant and a poster on the wall adds lots of style and keeps you inspired.


Even the most gorgeous workspace won’t do the work for you, but it will surely make it more enjoyable and easier. A nice working atmosphere will make it easier to put your phone aside and to start focusing on your projects. Your desk will probably not always look like it’s been on the cover of a magazine but as long as you keep an overview and an eye on the most important things, that’s totally fine. This is the spot all your work is done and there’s nothing wrong with looking in use once in a while. 


Now it’s time to put the phone down, shut Netflix off and start creating something big on your own!