Order and pay for all your presents until the 19th of December within Germany in order to receive them in time for Christmas!


JO & JUDY made in Germany – not your usual pen and paper supplier. We are so much more than that because you are so much more than a regular customer to us! 

Don’t get us wrong, we will still equip each and every single one of you special people out there with awesome stationery and prints that light up any flat and office in a unique and sophisticated design – we’ll just add heaps of motivation and inspiration to the package and deliver it right to your doorstep. JO & JUDY is a team of young and ambitious people with their eyes focussed on the todays and tomorrows of this exciting and ever changing world. Busy schedules, enthusiastic ideas and big dreams are what get us motivated to create. We take our own experiences and high demands for everyday organization and transform them into individual, gorgeous and at the same time useful products to share with you guys.