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Advent Calendar for Adults | Download and Filler Ideas


Advent calendars aren’t only for kids. Us adults, we need some festive love and treats, too! That’s why we’ve created a template for a minimalist Christmas calendar and will share our top ideas for fillers with you.

Into the bag it goes

Brown paper bags aren’t new to the Advent Calendar game. They are the perfect size, easily accessible and super versatile. Hang them, put them in a box or place them on a shelf - they always bring some natural Christmas vibes to the room!

To make the simple bags a little more festive, we’ve designed some stylish number templates as a free download. Add them to the paper bags and decorate them to suit your partner, friend, mom, dad or sibling’s taste.



How to use the template: Download the number sheets, cut them out, fold them at the line and clip them over the top of the bag. We’ve added a little quote for each day and have left some free space for a personal note on the back for you. If they look just a little too simple for you, simply add some dried flowers, winterly twigs and fir branches to the Advent Calendar as decorations.



Advent Calendar filler ideas

The bags are prepared and need to be filled now. Instead of filling every single one with sweets and chocolate, how about adding some lovely stationery pieces from our shop. Discover notepads, pencils, tapes, stickers, postcards or get a gift voucher for special days! Make the code extra festive with our free voucher template:

Enjoy our little DIY. We hope your Advent Calendar turns out beautifully and if you’re still in need of a playlist to get into the Christmas spirit, we have just the one for you!

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