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App Icons "Pink"

€4.00 inc. VAT plus shipping costs

Add some pink love to your phone! If you want to change up the look of your home screen, these lovely app icons in a soft pink are just what you need. With the new iPhone update (iOS 14) comes the possibility to switch your regular app images and personalize your phone screen.

The download includes:

  • 2 x 45 App Icons for WhatsApp, PayPal, Instagram,notes, calendar and more apps
  • 12 Widgets with quotes and photos
  • 2 Wallpapers


The digital icons will be in your mailbox directly after purchasing them. Simply download the Zip-file and start customizing your home screen!

Please note: The app icons do not replace the actual apps but rather act as a stylish placeholder. Pop-ups for new messages will not be shown by the design icons. These icons have been designed with the iPhone layout in mind but Android users can use these app icons just the same. iPhone users will only be able to use the icons in combination with iOS 14. You’ll need the free app “Unzip” (or similar) to unpack the Zip-file with PNGs.


Digital Product

45 App Icons | 6 Widgets | 2 Wallpapers

PNG Zip-Document

Soft pink


You will receive the App Icons Zip-Document after completing the ordering process via mail – without shipping costs, of course.