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Carmushka Interview | Questions and Answers


Following and watching Carmushka on Instagram feels like watching a close friend or older sister live her life. We get to know so much about her, we experience and learn together and now, she answers a couple of our questions that we couldn’t hold back!

We’ve known Carmushka for ages, well, that’s what it feels like at least. But there are still a few questions on our mind! She dedicated some of her time to answer our interview questions about karma, calendars and self-consciousness - and those were her answers:


Since I’ve started working as a self employed woman, my morning routine has changed a lot. I’m not talking about drinking more water or a new skin care routine - but rather how much work I get done in the morning and how I manage to do that. I will not touch my phone before truly getting up and being ready for the day for example. When I’m ready to start my day, I use my phone for to-do lists. I’m a huge fan of lists as they help me bring structure into my life and stay on top of my game!

What would you tell 16-year-old Carmen today?

I would let her know that she should never ever make herself smaller than she really is and that she can do anything if she works hard enough for it! And I would tell her that she can be proud of everything she’s achieved so far. The journey is the destination. I don’t feel successful when I’ve made a lot of money, people compliment me or I finish a project. For me, the word success equals being happy. Happy people are successful people. Oh and before I forget: Carmen, please remove your make-up before going to bed. Yes, always!



I’m self employed and never really off work. My work life is my private life, it’s as simple as that. As someone who’s self employed, you can’t really not think about work and you carry your job wherever you go. I see working with my husband as a massive plus!

You don’t drink coffee - how do you stay awake and manage your day when it starts at 5:30 in the morning?

I know my body fairly well now and I know hoch much sleep it needs. Luckily, that’s about 5 hours a night. If you have a job that you love dearly, getting up isn’t an issue anyway!


Intimidating isn’t the right word. I love sharing my life, especially the ups and downs, my experiences and my knowledge to help others, to inspire or simply brighten up their day. Here and there, I do feel intimidated by the responsibility of being self employed though.

Why did you choose to work with JO & JUDY?

First of all, I already knew Jo & Judy and loved their products. Secondly, I’m a fan of working with smaller start-ups rather than making big companies even bigger. The girls from Jo & Judy stand for the girl power movement I’m hoping to spread and we simply clicked.


What motivated you to create your own calendar?

My own need for one. I’m a total planner and was hunting for my perfect calendar for years - but it simply didn’t exist. Rather than giving in to a not so fitting alternative, I’ve decided to just make my own!


The first thing was making sure it really is my calendar and not only my name on it. I was part of the entire draft process and creative decisions. I brought my ideas and expectations for the calendar to the table and we - the Jo & Judy team and I - worked on them together. Another very important thing was integrating my daily to-do lists that I’m rather well known for by now. Last but not least, I wanted to be able to share the process with my followers and let them vote and help with a few decisions like the color theme of the calendar.

Design the life you love - that’s our motto. Can you relate to that?

Absolutely because that’s exactly how I live my life. I’ve worked for everything I have. I’ve created something of my own, made my dreams come true and I’m realizing my visions one by one.

Short and crisp: What does karma mean to you?

Karma is what you do. It’s who you are.

What advice do you give to someone who wants to collect a few more karma point?

Push yourself, spread some love and lean back - the universe will figure out how to reward you and how to keep the bad karma away from you.


Thank you Carmen for taking the time to answer our questions. That’ll be another couple of karma points for your account!

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