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Christmas Gift Wrapping | Stamp DIY


Buying pretty wrapping paper for your Christmas presents is totally fine but just not the look we’re going for this year! Gift wrapping is a dearly loved ritual during the Christmas season and we’re embracing it by personalizing our gift wrapping with some easy DIYs!

We just love wrapping gifts and make them almost too gorgeous to open. We want them to be a real eyecatcher under the Christmas tree and get our family and friends excited for what hides inside. Let’s get this wrapping party started! Turn on your Christmas playlist, make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and start your Christmas DIY.


We’re wrapping up the Set “Christmas minimalism” including the black and white calendar for 2021, the black document clips, the metal pencil case and of course a sparkling Christmas card! We’ve chosen brown kraft paper for the gifts because we just love the simple and natural look of it. It’s also the perfect canvas for some creative design ideas!

As much as we love a kraft paper look, we decided to change things up and used some old book pages for some of the gifts. We used the imprint of a very old, large Atlas as unique wrapping paper. The pages have an old school natural look and are super gorgeous in combination with our Washi Tape “For You”. The tape has several little messages and brings some golden highlights to the parcel.


We want to add some more Christmas vibes to the kraft paper wrapping and have gone for a self made Christmas stamp! It can be a bit tricky depending on the design but the result is so worth it!
As a first try, we chose the most classical Christmas design: A Christmas tree!


DIY Christmas Stamp for Gift Wrapping

You’ll need

  • Linoleum sheet or stamp foam rubber (You can also use a potato but it won’t last as long and more detailed designs will be very hard to do)
  • Stamp carving tools
  • Ink pad or acrylic paint with a brayer


First of all, think of a design and create an outline template in the correct size. Copy the outlines of your stamp design to the linoleum sheet. Keep in mind: If you’re doing quotes or letters and numbers, you have to work mirror-inverted! That’s not an issue for our little Christmas tree. It’ll look festive either way. Use a pencil or even a white pen to do the outlines on the linoleum sheet.

Now it’s time to start carving. First off, use the smallest tool to outline your design. It’s not super easy and you might want to practice some strokes on a separate sheet before working on your design. Hold the tool rather flat and always work away from you! Your fingers will hold on to the plate behind the tool or otherwise you’ll easily cut yourself when slipping off the linoleum.


Once the outlines are done, you can grab a bigger tool and start carving away the parts of your stamp that you don’t want to show up in the final design. You can also cut away some of the unnecessary surroundings to make life a bit easier! Make sure you’ve cut deep enough or parts will later show up colored. You can always go back and perfect your stamp though, so don’t worry about doing it perfectly on the first try!

We’re adding some more details to the Christmas tree stamp design with the super fine carving toll. You can even add baubles or fairy lights to the tree! But most of the time, the simplest options have the biggest effect. So we’re just doing a couple of strokes!


Once you’re happy with your stamp, it’s time to do a test run! We’re using black acrylic paint and a brayer. This way, we can decide how much paint we want on the stamp and we’re even able to mix colors. You can also just use an ink pad. Both works perfectly fine!


If you’ve carved deep enough, no additional stamp lines will show up outside of your Christmas design. If there should be any, just grab a tool and get rid of the parts that bother you! We love our little Christmas tree stamp just the way it is and we’re especially loving the imperfect look it gets once the paint is gone a bit more after one or two times of pressing it down.


We’ve added a Christmas stamp border to the biggest gift and have done another, more advanced mistletoe stamp!
The washi tape and the golden heart ornaments keep it sparkly under the Christmas tree and the stickers add some more natural design love to the grift wrapping. We’ve diyed a few paper feathers with old book pages. They are super easily and quickly made! Check out our DIY here:.

All we have to do now is add a Christmas postcard with some lovely words and a few evergreen twigs and we’re done with our natural gift wrap for small and big Christmas presents!


If you’re not in the mood to get extra crafty with this DIY but still want to create something truly unique and festive, our Christmas stamp set is just the one for you! Add little trees, sparks and quotes to your gifts and Christmas cards and turn something simple into a beautifully unique gift.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and ideas and are now super inspired to get creative. Add some personality to your gifts and show your loved ones, how much you love them and want to see them smile on Christmas and every other day of the year!