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Create your own Christmas Decor | Advent Calendar DIY


You don’t necessarily need a Christmas tree to create a festive vibe in your home. Let us show you how you can diy your very own natural Winter Wonderland!

Decorate an Advent calendar area

We’ve chosen our Advent calendar as the highlight of our Christmas decoration this year. There’s a new design for all 24 days leading up to Christmas. You’ll be greeted with a brand new Christmas look every single day during Advent!
In addition to a print a day, we’ve also wrapped 4 little presents. One for every Advent Sunday either for yourself or your loved ones! 




Christmas Decor with Candles


Candles are an essential during the Christmas season and can’t be missing from our Advent Calendar area! We’re into a more natural look this year and wanted to add some natural trinkets to our candles. We’ve used some sage leaves, rosemary twigs and dried oranges. With some natural cord, we’ve created a border around the bottom of our candles while making sure the flame won’t reach our herb decorations!


Christmas ornaments and baubles

Natural materials, golden details and acrylic highlights – decorate more than just your Christmas tree with these gorgeous ornaments and baubles!

You can shop the stylish acrylic ornaments with the quotes “Just love”, “See the good” and “Choose joy” in a Christmas set directly in our shop. Just like the golden heart ornaments, they are the perfect addition to Christmas presents or as an eyecatcher hanging from a branch!


Additionally, we’ve diyed some Christmas baubles and ornaments ourselves! Gorgeous feathers made out of paper – we’ve used the imprint of a very old Atlas – and natural baubles made out of crafting paper and old book pages. Read up on how we’ve created them in our magazine post “...” and give them a go!

We’ve also filled some empty acrylic baubles with twigs of evergreens, sage and dried oranges. You can use whatever you want to fill your baubles! How about some golden glitter for that sparkly Christmas feeling?


We really hope we could inspire you and get you excited for the Christmas season and the festive Advent days! Now it’s your turn: Diy and decorate your home while our Christmas playlist is playing in the background and the gingerbread is starting to smell delicious in the oven.