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Create Your Own Hair Accessories | Flower Crown DIY


What feels more like spring, festival, wedding and the best time with your favorite girls than a colorful flower crown on your head that turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary one? Well, we can’t really think of anything else right now!

Some days are made for us to glow up and shine in our brightest light. Sometimes, we just need to let our inner flower girl and festival lover out. For days like these, we’ve created a flower crown diy, where we’ll lead you to your perfect hair accessory step by step!

Flower crowns and floral pieces for a bachelorette party

Bachelorette party shirts, sashes and pink tutus aren’t really the look you’re going for at the next bachelorette party? We are so with you! How about matching flower crowns or flowe bracelets? Make sure the bride stands out though. Give her an extra big flower crown with the most gorgeous flowers to make sure she is the center of attention!


Wedding Hairstyle with flowers

Flower crowns are the perfect accessory for the bride, maid of honor and the little flower girls at any wedding! Choose the flowers to match the wedding decor and romantic boho theme and make the flower accessory in your hair as big or small as you like. You’ll look beautiful either way!



The perfect festival look

Imagine a festival or concert without any flower crowns - impossible. Stand out from the crowd with your homemade flower crown with real flowers. Your hair might not look its best on the third day of the festival but there is no bad hair day a gorgeous flower crown can’t save!


It’s your turn now!

Watch our YouTube flower crown tutorial and get creative:

Flower Crown FAQ

Which flowers are best for a flower crown?

As long as the flower aren’t poisonous or lose their leaves easily, almost all flowers can be used. To make your flower crown extra beautiful, choose one stand out flower, a few smaller ones and greenery to close any gaps and something to add a bit of color. We’ve used eucalyptus, white and light pink baby's breath, small white roses and pink foxflowers. You can also dry this flower crown!

How long does the flower crown last?

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