Create your own tree ornaments | Christmas decor DIY


There are endless options for beautiful Christmas decorations. Big, small, round, oval, sparkly, minimalist, colorful, transparent – you can get everything and anything! But do you know what makes your Christmas decor truly unique? Handmade Christmas ornaments!

The following three Christmas ornaments are a gorgeous decoration next to some fairy lights on your Christmas tree. But you don’t necessarily need a tree for stunning Christmas vibes in your home! Decorate your windows, a wall grid, railing or hang some ornaments from the ceiling.

Paper feather made from old books

Everything revolves around natural Christmas decorations this year. At least for us. And these super easy-made paper ornaments in all the different sizes are here to add to that theme.


To recreate these leave-like ornaments, cut out an isosceles triangle and place it in front of you with the tip facing away from you. Now do accordion pleats all the way up to the tip. Take the paper, fold it in half - where you can see the tip of the triangle - and place the ends together.

Almost done! Now grab some tape and connect the inward facing sides of your ornament, thread a ribbon through the ornament if you want to hang it and you’re done.


Natural Christmas baubles with crafting paper

Baubles in all colors and shapes are a must during the Christmas season! We’ve created some gorgeous DIY ones with pages from old books, kraft paper and a bauble blank. On top of the mentioned materials, you’ll also need some scissors and tape or a glue stick.


First of all, we’ve cut out several circles from our old book pages and kraft paper and added the tape stripes to the blank. Double-sided tape is perfect but normal tape works just fine if you fold it to recreate a double-sided tape.
We’re now adding the paper circles to the blank. Start at the bottom and work your way up. This way, the circles will layer up beautifully and your bauble will be ready for decorating in no time!


Individually filled acrylic Christmas tree ornaments

It doesn’t get easier than this! Our previous DIYs have been pretty easy but this is next level. All you need is some fillable acrylic baubles and some Christmas decor like fir branches, dried oranges or even glitter. Let your creativity flow!



Christmas decor without a Christmas tree?!

And just like that, we’re already done decorating. Even without having to buy a Christmas tree! We’ve simply added a few fir branches to a grid, hung all of our DIY Christmas ornaments on it and added the JO & JUDY acrylic ornaments with three different festive quotes. We’ve also added the heart ornaments for some more golden shimmer.
Are you excited to get started now? Well, that was the goal! Get into the Christmas spirit and decorate your home with all the festive ornaments.



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