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Customized Calendar DIY | Creative tips and hacks


A calendar isn’t just a book for planning your appointments and deadline? Perfect, we are on the same page as you! We’ve collected great hacks and creative ideas for customizing your calendar while adding lots of personality and even more organization possibilities.

We’ve customized our calendar for 2019/20 with the help of our free downloads and little tricks to create a calendar that’s truly unique, personal and simply perfect for you and your daily life. Have a look!

Could we inspire you to start your own customized calendar? Let’s go! The free downloads with additional content match the calendar for 2019/20 perfectly and can be downloaded on this page. Here are a couple of downloads you can print out for free:

Mood tracker for the good and bad days

Track your mood on a daily basis with this weekly mood tracker. You can monitor how you felt about work, friends, family, health and your body from Monday to Friday. At the end of the week, you’ll see how your overall feeling was and if you need to make some changing to get into a better mood!


Motivating cards for every day of the month

Sometimes, nothing seems to be working the way you want it to. But that’s no reason to give up! The motivating cards are here for you every day of the month to brighten your mood and get that energy back in the mornings. Print the little cards, pin them together, keep them at your desk, fridge or clipped to your wall grid. Whenever you feel like a little motivation boost, take a card and get working!


Compliment cards for little moments of joy

Spread some love with the compliment cards! Print out the cards and keep them close. When you meet a friend, stranger, colleague or even your partner and you think they could use a boost of confidence, hand them a card and watch their faces while their day just got a lot better! Small things can make a huge difference!


Vision Board for your wildest dreams

Right now, you might be sitting in the train on your way home, at your desk at home or at the office with artificial lighting but that’s about to change: Swap the office coffee for a fresh Mojito at the beach and wear your most gorgeous bikini instead of day old eye bags! Create your goals and dreams on your vision board and plan your long awaited summer holiday for example. We’ve designed a few keywords and quotes for you to create a super gorgeous vision board! Click here for the free download.


Calendar FAQ

What’s the time frame for this calendar?

The calendar will keep all your appointments and deadlines from July 2019 to June 2020. It’s the perfect calendar for a school year, 2 semesters at Uni or for everyone who’s work year starts in summer!

Is there a protective cover for the calendar?

How is the calendar structured?