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Discover our Baby Collection | Stationery, memories & decor ideas


The first months with a newborn just go by so fast! All those exciting, challenging and breathtaking moments with your baby should last forever and that’s why we’ve created this special Baby Collection.

Our Pregnancy Journal and Baby’s First Year Diary


Being pregnant is probably one of the most beautiful and at the same time frightening times in a woman’s life. Our pregnancy diary will follow you along the 9 month journey of growing a tiny human and bringing the little miracle into this world. It contains lots of useful lists and overviews and diary pages for every pregnancy week leading up to the birth day. As of right now, the diary is only available in German


So much can happen in a year! Especially if you have a new born baby. With this journal, you’ll never forget a moment of the first 12 months of your baby with monthly content, handy lists and once in a lifetime memories. As of right now, the diary is only available in German

Create a Gorgeous Baby Nursery

If we’re being absolutely honest with ourselves, we know that our baby won’t really use his or her own room that much in the first couple of weeks and months. But we need somewhere to put all these cute outfits, the diaper changing table and tiny toys! Use the room as a baby oasis to cuddle, read to them and collect memories.
Toys for children are pretty brightly colorful most of the time and babies usually love it and are fascinated by them. Mom and dad on the other hand could use a break from all those neon colors here and there. That’s why we’ve designed beautiful nursery posters with subtle colors and lots of style for the room.


A sock here, a pacifier there - collect all the important baby equipment in these cute baskets in two sizes!

They are perfect for dealing with chaos: Collect all the loose pacifiers in the small basket and keep the muslins and napkins in the bigger cotton bag.
They are also perfectly fitted for collecting little pieces and memories. Write a note every time you’re feeling happy and share a special moment with your new family. Place the note in the small basket and read them every time you’ve had a rough night. The good always outweighs the bad! Use the big basket as a memory keeper by collecting the very first socks, the hospital bracelet or the first pacifier your baby used.


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