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Happy Galentine’s Day | How to celebrate girl’s friendship!


Instead of celebrating on the 14th of February with a partner, we’ll celebrate the love for our best friends on the 13th!


Anyone who’s seen the Mockumentary Parks & Recreation should be familiar with the term Galentine’s Day: It’s a day to come together with your best girl friends and simply live your best life. No matter if you’re in a relationship at that point or not! Without our best friends, life wouldn’t be as fun and adventurous. Who would listen to us rambling about the same thing for hours, who would come pick us up in the middle of the night and laugh until we can’t breathe anymore? That’s what friends are for!


To celebrate girl friendship, we’ve designed a special Galentine’s Day wallpaper for you. Download it for free and celebrate us girls on every day of the year!


Galentine’s Day | Ideas for an unforgettable girls date

Secret Santa is pretty much only a Christmas thing. But let’s just do it anyway on Galentine’s Day! A few weeks in advance, write the names of all your friends on a piece of paper. Now every friend draws one of the pieces and that’s the one you’ll get a Galentine’s Day gift for. This could be something homemade, a little something or a dream-come-true present. Whatever you decide to gift, it should most definitely celebrate your friendship!


The Galentine’s Day founder Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation meets her best friends for brunch to celebrate their friendship. We’re loving the idea of that! But unfortunately, February 13th is on a Thursday in 2020. It would be the perfect reason to take a day off from work or you simply reschedule the date to the weekend! We have the perfect recipe for you to cheer to your girl friends:


If your friend group isn’t up for getting up early and do brunch but rather have a fun night out, we have the perfect playlist for you! Put on the music, open a bottle of bubbles and get ready together before heading out for the night.


Another idea would be getting together to cook something delicious and talk about everything and anything. Get the photo albums out to look at old photos, be a bit embarrassed of questionable fashion choices, reminisce about all the things you’ve experienced together and laugh until your stomach hurts!


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