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In love with Camelina – Recipes & Relaxation


Camelina Oil

This very special oil is still quite the underdog in the food scene but we are sure that’s about to change! The oil comes straight from the beautiful Camelina plant and enrichens beauty products and meals with a delicious scent and an extra dose of health.

Especially vegetarians and vegans profit from the omega-3 fatty acids of the Camelina oil which is naturally mainly to be found in fish.

Whether it’s in your food or beauty products – Camelina oil is a true health allrounder.

Botanical Fresh Care has dedicated a whole hair treatment series to Camelina and we just love it! To share our love for these products with you, we are adding a hair mask to every order exceeding 15 € until the 14th of March. So: shop your favorite JO & JUDY products now and and treat yourself and your hair!

To enlarge your omega-3 intake and to fill your stomach with delicious and healthy food, we’ve tried and written down our two favorite recipes including Camelina oil.


Green Camelina Smoothie


This intense green smoothie doesn’t only look healthy but will give you all the energy and strength to conquer the day ahead of you! On top of the Camelina oil, it contains basil, some acidity from half a lemon, an earthy note from salad leaves and a bit of sweetness from the honey or vegan agave syrup. Try it for yourself and click here for the recipe!


Camelina Miso Dip


Just a couple of ingredients for maximum taste! This fusion of chickpeas, cauliflower and japanese miso paste gets its perfect finish from the Camelina oil. Click here for the recipe of this spicy dip that will be the star on any dinner table.



All good things come in threes

Treat yourself and your hair to a real health infusion with Camelina. The oil is not as hyped as it deserves to be and it’s not to be found in every regular supermarket (yet). You can easily find it in any well-assorted organic supermarket and in the well-assorted World Wide Web. That being said: Have fun trying and eating these recipes!