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Inspiration Wall | Create your personal mood board


Mood board, vision board, inspiration wall – it doesn’t matter how you call your personal collection of photos, images, quotes and little trinkets, as long as it inspires you day after day!

Everyone can create their own inspiration wall. Whether you like it simple or colorful and chaotic – inspiration looks different to everyone. But there are a few guidelines or rather strategies that’ll help you to create your perfect vision board. We’ve collected some tips and tricks for you in this post: 


Think in themes



Instead of randomly sticking photos to the wall, try putting them in order. The board should cover different aspects of your life and should motivate you to try new things and to reach for your goals. Group your material in themes like travel, job, family and dreams. Now collect all the things that inspire you regarding that theme and add them to your inspiration wall.

Choose color themes



To represent your different themes even better, choose a color scheme per category to make them stand out and to make the board visually appealing. Pick photos, images, quotes and little accessories in a matching color scheme. You can also add some color cards like Pantone cards! Colors can be super inspiring on their own so choose the ones that get your creative juices flowing. How about blue for travel and natural tones for fall interior inspiration?

Use different materials


What makes an inspiration wall different from a photo wall? Well that one is easy: Everything goes! You’re not limited to just using photos. Use postcards, images, notes, lucky charms, magazines and and and. Whatever inspires you, goes on the wall! Different materials make your board more vivid and you’ll find new things every time you look at it. You don’t have to stick to a certain way and can add new inspiration whenever you feel like it. Our dreams and goals are never finished and they’re just getting bigger and more exciting – and so does your inspiration wall!

Quotes, quotes and even more quotes


We love quotes and that’s not a secret. You’ll find them on our postcards, posters and even in our calendars and planners. Collect quotes and little sayings you want to remember and that should be a part of your journey. Cut out your favorite quotes or get creative and write them down yourself as a gorgeous lettering. You can also right down short anecdotes, things that make you happy or some lovely words. As long as they’re inspiring, they’re perfect!!

Discover something new every day


The perfect spot for your personal mood board? In our opinion, your inspiration board should be where you’re planning on getting creative and can use some extra inspiration – we’d hang it over the workspace! You can also create a vision board in the hallway and look at it every time you leave the house. That’s completely up to you! An inspiration wall can be rather personal. So you should keep in mind that everyone will be able to take a look at it if it’s placed in a shared space. For more privacy, keep it in your room or home office!

Now it’s your turn. Create your inspiration wall and follow your dreams!


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