Get your planner for 2018 now!
In need for a new planner and still no idea which one is the best option for you? We might be able to help! Just read what some of the JO & JUDY girls have to say about their ultimate planner and why they’ve chosen this exact one.
Greenery and a stunning wall hanging? Yes, please! If you want to hop on the trend train, learn how to create your very own macrame plant hanger and make your family and friends believe that you’re a crafty genius, keep on scrolling.
Being a busy and hard worker – it doesn't matter if at work, uni or for social projects – is never easy and sometimes not even a lot of fun. You are the one with all the responsibility, either because it's your choice or because there is just no one else to do your work for you. And that's fine because deep down, you love it and need it!