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Jewelry gift wrapping ideas | DIY


Jewelry is the go-to gift and rightfully so! When it comes to wrapping the necklaces, bracelets and rings in a unique and thoughtful way, we’ve got heaps of inspiration and ideas for all the different occasions for you.

Gift wrapping ideas for Easter

If you want to gift our necklaces, rings or bracelets for Easter, we have just the DIY gift wrap for you! Surprise your loved ones at brunch on Easter Sunday and create a gorgeous table decor while you’re at it.

You’ll need:

  • 1 egg (white or brown)
  • Decor feathers
  • Cotton balls
  • Thin needle and thread



Punch a hole into the side of your egg and widen it to the shape and size of your liking. Empty the egg, wash it with clear water and let it dry.


To make the egg special and truly beautiful, we’ve added some paint-splatters.



Now take a small piece of the cotton ball and place it inside the egg. It’s the perefct bed for the jewelry pieces! Now all you have to do is thread some yarn through the top of the egg and let it hang from a twig.

Place the jewelry inside the decor Easter egg and gift it to a loved one!


To make sure your gift egg is in good company, we’ve also created the matching centerpiece for the Easter table out of wire, feathers, dried flowers and spring branches.


Stylish concrete ring holders

These concrete ring holders are the eyecatcher on every makeup table and are perfect for storing and displaying the jewelry collection!

You’ll need:

  • Concrete Craft
  • Coated paper/ plastic sheet
  • Cone template
  • An old bowl
  • Mixing rod
  • Glasses or foam to hold the cones
  • Paint
  • Scissors & tape


First off, you have to create a mold for your concrete ring holders. Use our free templates and choose the sizes you’d like to create. Place the cone templates of your choice underneath the coated paper or plastic sheet and copy the cone outlines. Now simply cut out the shapes and fixate the edges with tape to create a cone. The neater the edges, the less visible the seam on your final product. Make sure the tip of your ring holder mold ist taped tightly and leakproof!



Mix the concrete as suggested on the box. The instructions can vary according to the supplier. With our concrete craft, we’re just adding a bit of water until it’s runny, but not too watery. When using cement, you’ll probably have to mix in sand as well as water. Our concrete is still a bit grainy but fills the molds nicely without visible irregularities. Try it and find the perfect consistency for your concrete DIY project! Fill up your mold with a spoon and make sure the concrete mix goes all the way down to the tip.
Once the mold is filled, make small repetitive movements with your fingernails on the sides of your mold to reduce the air bubbles in your mixture. You’ll end up with a smoother overall surface! Now balance your cones in a glass or place them in foam. Make sure they are leveled.


After approximately 48 hours – the drying time can vary according to thickness, consistency and room temperature – your concrete ring holders are dry and ready to slip out of the molds. But be careful – don’t break off the tip!

We love the rough look of our concrete ring holders but decided to add a couple of shiny details to them! For that, we are using white paint and black metallic paint from the art supplies store

And that’s the final result!


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