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Last Minute Gifts – How to wrap a gift voucher beautifully


Last Minute Gifts – How to wrap a gift voucher beautifully

How on earth is it already almost Christmas? It’s pretty much too late to shop Christmas gifts now. But there’s this one gift that will always have your back: The gift voucher!

We love vouchers – they can be used to buy your favorite items and can be purchased with any budget! They aren’t necessarily a makeshift present but they more or less always save us from not having anything to give to our loved ones. And that’s why they deserve a gorgeous packaging! Let us show you a couple of ways to wrap and decorate your Christmas gift voucher this year.

When purchasing a gift voucher in our shop, you’ll receive it via mail directly after placing your order successfully. You’ll find the individual voucher code in the PDF. You can just print the document and work from there or you can note the code on our A6 Christmas voucher template. You can download the template for free and stick it on a christmassy A6 postcard or try some of our following packaging ideas.


Small voucher gift bags

We’re not just putting our voucher in an envelope this Christmas, no no no. This year, we’re going for something a bit more individual and thoughtful. For example with these little self made gift bags from old book pages! You can slip the voucher and even a little something in the bag and that’s how you diy them:


Due to the imprinted book pages, the bags are looking pretty gorgeous already but we want to add a bit more Christmas to them! So we’re adding our gift tags, washi tape highlights or a handwritten message to the diy bags. A lettering makes every packaging truly unique and it’s not as hard as it looks! Learn to letter with our beginner’s guide in the magazine:


Stylish Christmas baubles with a Christmas voucher

It doesn’t get any more christmassy than this! For the next voucher packaging, you’ll need:

  • an empty acrylic bauble
  • Christmas decor for the bauble
  • some string

If you don’t want to put the voucher inside of the acrylic bauble, you can just roll it up, secure it with string and add to the acrylic bauble. We’ve then filled the bauble with a dried orange slice and angel hair – glitter works perfectly fine as well!


Now to the question of all questions: How do you hand over such a gift? Simply putting the bauble and voucher in one’s hand doesn’t feel very festive, does it? So we’ve added the bauble and voucher to our Christmas tree and made a little “Where’s your present”-game out of it. If you don’t have a Christmas tree at hand, simply use a branch and add some more self made or self bought Christmas decorations to it!


DIY Christmas folder for your gift voucher

This packaging is still pretty easily made but asks for a bit more handiwork. We found a quick little tutorial on Instagram for the folder and just went for it!



Christmas card with voucher storage

There’s double points with this packaging! Christmas cards are a must for the festive days and offer the perfect opportunity to tell our friends and family how much they mean to us. That’s why we’ve added a little pocket to the back of the Christmas postcard and have left some room for a message straight from the heart.




You can diy all of these packagings very easily with the things you already have at home. Well, unless you don’t have a spare acrylic bauble lying around somewhere in the house. But the most important thing on Christmas should always be the love you add to all of your presents. As long as the one receiving the Christmas gift knows you put some effort and thought into making something beautiful for them, it’s going to be a wonderful Christmas!