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Lettering Tutorial | The Art of Beautiful Letters


Every handwriting is unique and beautiful in its own way. When talking about lettering, we’re thinking of artfully, almost drawn-like words and quotes that will turn your paper into a piece of art. When written by hand, every lettering will be unique and makes for the perfect gift and decoration for yourself, your home and your dearest.

Lettering is something, everyone can learn. And that’s a promise! We’ve collected our tips and tricks to make your first steps in hand lettering as smooth as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re totally new to the subject or if you’re just looking for some more lettering inspiration: Let’s get creative and start lettering!


The equipment | What a lettering beginner really needs

You don’t need to invest in super expensive equipment to start your lettering journey. Most of the time, a pencil, fine liner or brush pen is all you need to get started. You can also choose any material you’d like to practice your first words on. But to start of, we’d recommend simple, cheap printer paper or sketching paper. 



First steps as a lettering novice

The basics of lettering are pretty simple: You’re combining letters in a certain way to create a totally new image. To get the calligraphy look, you have to follow one simple rule: There are two directions in which your letters are written. Upwards and downwards. When going down, you’ll put some pressure on your pen or draw a thicker line with your fine liner. When going up, you reduce the pressure and draw a much thinner line. If you’re not using a brush pen, you can practice the “Faux Calligraphy” technique to get the hang of it.




Handling a brush pen can be a bit tricky at the beginning. The most important thing is to be patient and not give up so easily. You’ll be able to see massive improvements once you’ve goten the hang of it! To start manifesting the basic lettering rule, practice with the alphabet in our lettering template for beginners.


Find your lettering style

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to vary your letters and to get a bit more artsy with it!

1. Flourishes | Playful flourishes will make your words appear as a unique drawing. They are perfect for decorating invites, postcards and letters to your loved ones! 



2.Vary the size and placement of your letters | By simply modifying the height and placements of your letters and words, your quote or phrase will appear more interesting and it will create a totally new look. Try adapting your words to shapes and make them come to life!


3. Banners and illustrations | To bring some more fun to your letterings, put them inside banners and add a fitting illustration. The possibilities are endless!

4. Use different font styles | Vary your fonts to create a more appealing look. Go from bold letters to cursive and back. 


Before tackling the more difficult letterings, master the basics: Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist!

So let’s get started, grab the closest pen and step up your hand lettering game to decorate calendars, planners and everything you could possibly write on!