Not everyone has one, but everyone wants one: A balcony! If you are one of the lucky people to own a balcony, you have to make sure that the it reaches its full potential! No more using it for storing stuff or drying clothes – we want to enjoy our day-off, study break and sunsets in a magical atmosphere.
What do you need to work as productive and efficient as you can? Office essentials? Yes. Coffee? Sure. Pretty things that keep you motivated? Hell Yes!

Flower decor // DIY

JO & JUDY is already turning two – what an incredible feeling! The years since we’ve launched our very first product – the Calendar 2016/17 – have flown past and we cannot wait to continue turning creative ideas into gorgeous product designs and celebrating every milestone with our community.

JO & JUDY, formerly a small collection of the current sister brand Odernichtoderdoch, quickly grew into a confident, feminine and dreamy independent design brand. In spring 2016, we’ve started our own Instagram account @joandjudy and after only a few weeks, also launched our very own shop!