Procrastination is just a trendy word for an “I really don’t want to start”-attitude and we really need to stop this trend because it’s not getting us anywhere. Once every social media platform has been scrolled through and every WhatsApp message is answered, we really don’t have any more excuses to not start with our tasks and to tick off all those to-dos! Leave the bad habits behind and start this year fresh with lots of inspiration, new designs and loads of green.
The presents are purchased and wrapped, the cookies baked, the bar stocked up and the tree has been put up. But how about the Christmas decoration? Do you still need some gorgeous baubles for the tree, a few ornaments for the dining table or something you can display on your windows? We show you how to make your own super quick, easy and unique ornaments in this post!
To all of you, who have already bought the majority of their presents: Congrats, you’ve almost made it! Now it’s time to wrap all these presents up beautifully to make the recipient extra happy. In this post, we’re giving you some ideas on how to wrap presents in all shapes, sizes and materials.