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This very special oil is still quite the underdog in the food scene but we are sure that’s about to change! The oil comes straight from the beautiful Camelina plant and enrichens beauty products and meals with a delicious scent and an extra dose of health.
Finding the perfect planner that ticks all your boxes when it comes to planning your workday and private life is not easy at all. Different people with different styles of planning and lifestyles have different demands when it comes to the look, size, structure and division of their planners. We want you to find your perfect planner as easy and fast as possible and have therefore written down all the features of the undated daily planners. Maybe the black & white planner is just the perfect fit for you or maybe the green design lets your heart jump a little
Nowadays, working long hours, taking work back home and being completely involved with work isn’t only a thing the older manager generation does. It’s also totally en vogue with the younger generations. Such an intense work attitude doesn’t only have a huge influence on the “work” area of your live but also impacts the “life” aspects.