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Necklace "Tag Heart" Gold

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Time to shine with your personality and the extraordinary golden jewelry by JO & JUDY!

It's all about the small gestures and little moments filled with love. Carry a piece of a loved person close to your heart with the gorgeous tag charm. It's a thoughtful gift and looks especially beautiful when paired with our other golden jewelry pieces. You can choose between a delicate golden 40 cm necklace, a 46 cm necklace and 56 cm necklace to make your charm stand out. Create a unique layering look with the help of different charms and necklaces with various lengths!

Each golden charm and each golden necklace comes in a gorgeous packaging.

You can find the silver tag heart necklace here.



1 x Tag Heart Charm Gold

925 sterling silver with 14 K golding

Charm size: 1,1 cm | 0,2 cm | 3,2 cm

Necklace Gold:

925 sterling silver with 14 K golding

Necklace length: 40 cm, 46 cm or 56 cm

Care tip: To keep your charms and necklaces as gorgeous as they are, please avoid any contact with water or other liquids.

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