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Nursery decor ideas | DIY macrame feathers


Is your nesting instinct kicking in or do you simply want to redecorate your kid’s room? Let us show you how to decorate with selfmade macrame feathers!

Before starting on all those beautiful decor ideas including macrame feathers, we have to make them! They are super easily done. Even if you’re coming to the end of your pregnancy.


What you’ll need for a DIY macrame feather:

  • Macrame cord (We’re using Ø 4mm)
  • Scissors
  • Comb

Macrame knots you’ll need to learn: 0!
As promised, this DIY is super easy and your kids might even want to join in on the fun and help you!


First off, you have to decide how big you want your feather to be. Now measure your cord to be twice the size of your desired feather length and add a few centimeters for the loop that’ll act as a hanging for the feather. Cut shorter pieces of macrame cord and fold it over. The smaller pieces will be added to the main cord in the next step. The length of these pieces can decrease to the bottom of the main cord as we’ll trim them anyway!

Now that everything’s prepared, we’re ready to start assembling the macrame feather. But as we said, there’s no complicated macrame knot included! Take two short cords and place them to the left and to the right of your main piece. Put the left cord underneath the middle cord and pull the right cord through the loop of the left one. No take the ends of the left one and pull them through the loop of the right cord. Pull tight and repeat for the other pieces. Sounds complicated? Just take a look at our picture tutorial:


As soon as you’ve attached all shorter pieces to the main cord, cut the feather in shape and start untwisting and combing out the ends. Go back with the scissors if you have to rework the feather shape.


And your first feather is done! You can stop there if you want to or you can try to recreate our beautiful macrame feather wall hanging!

Macrame wall hanging for the nursery

For this beautiful children’s room DIY, you’ll need:

  • Macrame feathers
  • A wooden or metal ring (used here: Ø ? cm)
  • Pompons, wooden balls, dry or fake flowers
  • Hot glue gun


Attach your feathers - we’re using x feathers in different sizes - with some yarn to the bottom part of the ring. Organize them next to each other and on top of each other for some more depth.
You could also use colored DIY-feathers!


To make the parts where we’ve attached the feathers beautiful, take your pompons, wooden balls, flowers or any other sort of decoration and apply them with the hot glue gun. Now all you have to do, is attach some string to hang the wall decoration!

Add the name or first letter of your baby to the ring or use the golden heart ornament from our shop.


DIY dummy chain with wooden balls and macrame feathers

The macrame feathers are a beautiful, natural eyecatcher for your baby’s dummy chain, your diaper backpack or key chain. Take a look at how we’ve diyed an entire dummy chain with the feathers:


If you want to recreate the macrame part of the chain, you just have to learn how to do the square knot. Make sure the wooden balls aren’t too close to the dummy and your baby’s face and the chain musn’t be longer than 22cm to be save for your baby.

Have fun recreating these DIYs and happy decorating!


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