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Our Daily Planners – The Differences


Two planners & endless opportunities

Finding the perfect planner that ticks all your boxes when it comes to planning your workday and private life is not easy at all. Different people with different styles of planning and lifestyles have different demands when it comes to the look, size, structure and division of their planners. We want you to find your perfect planner as easy and fast as possible and have therefore written down all the features of the undated daily planners. Maybe the black & white planner is just the perfect fit for you or maybe the green design lets your heart jump a little.

1. The Daily Planner Black & White

Your perfect match

The subtle black and white design is the perfect match for all your outfits, handbags and your interior design. The minimalist yet bold and elegant look is timeless, just like the inside of this planner. The quote adds a little something to the cover and gets you motivated for the day ahead. Pair your planner with the color-matching products from the Black & White Collection and conquer the day!


Not time-bound and always usable

The daily planner is undated and therefore flexibly usable. Start your plans whenever you want! To make sure you won’t lose track of time, we’ve included an overview with all the dates for the current year. You can use the planner beyond 2018 of course. Each day finds its place on one separate page with a timetable for all your meetings, dates and deadlines. Next to the timetable, you can write down all the to-dos for the day and tick them off once you’ve done them. Write down your notes, thoughts and ideas in the note section and lead a well organized and structured day!


On the go

The handy size, which is a little over A5, makes it easy to take the planner with you and also keeps you organized outside of the office. The bookmark marks the pages you’ve been working on before and guarantees structured planning and working. 


2. The Daily Planner A4 Green

Create your own urban jungle

A plant print here, a splash of green and some inspiring words there – the undated daily planner in a fresh green design makes planning big easier and adds a little color to your daily life. The various shades of green are in perfect harmony with your plants, prints, your love for all things greenery and great plans. 


Daily planning on two pages

To make sure that you have enough space for your creative outbursts and daily tasks, the planner offers you two A4 pages per day. On the left side, you’ll find a to-do list and a water tracker as well as a spacious timetable that enables a well structured and balanced working day. On the right side, you’ve got the whole page for your notes, ideas and work-life balance trackers to make sure you’re feeling your best at work and at home. Plan and create your day however it seems the most reasonable, manageable and practical to you. With this planner, you can truly put your personality on the pages and create a unique planner that screams your name!



The perfect overview

Due to the bigger size, the green planner is not as handy as the black and white one. But nothing beats the big format when used inside of the office or at home on your desk. The daily planner stays open and lets you continue where you left off earlier.