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Paper Flower DIY | Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


Flowers are the go-to gift for Valentine’s Day – for a very beautiful reason. This year, we’re ditching the line at the rose stall and will simply be making the flowers ourselves!

Create a beautiful bouquet with this paper flower DIY that’ll last for eternity. Bring some fresh spring colors into your home or gift the handmade rose to your very own Valentine’s date.

DIY Paper Flower | You need


  • Silk paper in two colors of your choice
  • Flower wire & wire cutter
  • Washi tape in your favorite color
  • scissors

DIY Paper Flower | How to:


First, cut the wire to twice the length you want to end up with. Fold in half and twist the ends. You’ll end up with a small loop at the top. Cut some smaller pieces of wire and thread them through the hoop to create the centerpiece of the paper flower.


Cut or glue your paper until you end up with a length of about 50 cm. Now fold the paper from the bottom to the top once.

Fold the piece of paper like an accordion. Choose the width of the folds according to the size of the petals you want to end up with.


Now cut the bottom and top of the folded paper and fix with a clip to hold in place. Cut out your desired petal shape and make sure the bottom of the petal stretches along the entire length of the paper at the bottom. This way, the petals will all be connected as a garland.


We’ve also cut out a fringe with the same method as before. This fringe will now be arranged at the top of the wire to create the middle of our DIY paper flower.


It’s time to attach the main petals! Grab the garland and wrap it around the fringe center. If you want some more volume, simply cut out and attach another petal garland.


To wrap it all up nicely, we’ve added some golden Washi Tape at the bottom of our flower. Lastly, pull the petals in the correct shape and you’re done!


DIY Paper Flower | Vase Freebie


Create an entire bouquet of DIY paper flowers or gift one beautiful rose with our free vase template to someone very special. Download it, print it out, cut along the specified lines and arrange the flower in the design.


Happy flower making and Valentine’s Day to you!

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