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Perfectly planned: The new calendar for 2018/19


A calendar that starts at the beginning of the year is not ideal for you and your plans? If so, you'll love the beautiful A5 calendar for July 2018 to July 2019!

A shiny cover and absolute style

Before we'll take a look at the inside of this calendar, we want to brag about the brand new cover with golden foil stamping. The slogan „Start Now“ couldn't be better fitting for this planner because you'll immediately want to start planning and organizing with it! Let everyone know that this planner is yours by putting a customization on the cover. Let us imprint your initials, name or short message in a shiny gold.

Where there is planning, there is a lot of work happening. No matter how often you carry your calendar in your bag, the protective cover makes sure it won't get dirty or wet from the rain. This way, the cover of your planner will look like new even after months of hard work!


Time to take a look inside

Plan your month ahead by writing down the most important deadlines, appointments, birthdays and holidays in the monthly overviews. You will find an overview on a double page for all the months inside your calendar and will never forget what's going on next!


Get more into detail with your plans in the weekly overviews and plan on two pages per week. You'll find room for your appointments for each day and some extra space in the note section. A to-to list for your projects will help you to work on your tasks and successfully tick them off.


On top of the daily planning, the calendar for 2018/19 also contains lists for your most important contacts as well as several pages of meeting planners. These planning pages will make working on a group project in uni, a presentation in school or on the quarterly report at work much easier to summarize, structurize and prepare. 


The perfect team

Even on its own, your calendar is a true planning genius and eyecatcher which can only be topped when combined with some more products from the Red & Rosy Collection. The pen loop and matching pencils in red and rosy colors, the additional notebook that perfectly fits into the little pouch at the back of your calendar and the sticker set will bring even more glamour and structure into your calendar. Click here for the whole collection!

See for yourself and make sure to get your very own A5 Calendar 2018/19 as well as the protective cover as soon as possible!


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