Plan with us | Your perfect 2020 calendar


Choosing the right calendar doesn’t have to be super complicated. If you know where you want to use your calendar and for what reason, you’re almost done. Now all you have to do, is find one that you like the look and layout of. And we’re here to help! Here they are: Our secret weapon for an organized and stylish fresh year:

Greatly feminine – Calendar A4 2020


This is the perfect calendar for you, if… want to keep work and your private life separate and start with lots of girl power into your day! The extra large calendar isn’t the most handy one admittedly but surely one of the best to organize your days in the office or your workspace at home. Keep the A4 calendar on your desk and get planning. Meetings, projects and daily to-dos will find their place in the overviews and the content pages will offer you help, support and lots of motivation to get back to work with a new focus!

The pocket at the back of the hardcover will keep all your notes, invoices and smaller documents save. An allrounder with lots of feminine vibes – simply the perfect calendar for girl bosses and future girl bosses!

Little helper – Pocket Calendar 2020


This is the perfect calendar for you, if…’re always on the go and want to take your calendar everywhere with you! Plan your week from Monday to Sunday in the handy A6 calendar on two pages with a layout in rows. You can also note birthdays, deadlines and important appointments in the 2020 overview in the front of your hardcover calendar!

Various content pages will give you a break from work and will help you to refocus and start with fresh motivation into your projects. We’ve even included a couple of note pages for the ones of you, who like to write and go into detail!

Everything at a glance – Wall Calendar 2020 with wire binding


This is the perfect calendar for you, if… want to organize an entire family, roommates or an office! The feminine wall calendar in a soft pink with golden highlights offers you 5 columns on each monthly sheet. You can choose a name per column or category such as appointments, family time, food and and and…! Simply use it however it best fits into your life.

There’s so much happening during a day and there’s always a note, reminder and scribbles that you can now pin to your wall calendar with the black document clip. Let the organization begin!

Office buddy – Undated Desk Planner Create


This is the perfect calendar for you, if… want to decide which weeks need planning and which don’t! The undated desk planner isn’t only a gorgeous highlight on your desk but also reminds you of all your tasks and appointments from Monday to Sunday.

The undated planner has a handy wire binding, a cardboard stand and hardcover made from uncovered paper. If you need the organizer away from the desk, you can simply fold up the planner and carry it anywhere with you!

Free planning – Undated Daily Planner Illustration


This is the perfect calendar for you, if… like it minimalistic and perfectly organized without missing any of the design gorgeousness! The black and white daily planner with line art illustrations is a bit bigger than A5 format and offers you all the planning space with an entire page per day for to-dos, notes and appointments. The hardcover makes sure the pages aren’t getting wrinkled in your bag while looking extra beautiful. You decide which days need planning and you’ll always know where you’re at with the handy bookmarks!