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You’ve already searched the entire web, have asked Google several times and visited every shop in town without finding the perfect gift for the next birthday or anniversary? No need to panic, we’ve got you covered with our gift ideas for your best friend, wife, husband, mom or colleague!

Gift ideas for your best friend

Only the best for your best friend! We’ve collected some gorgeous items that represent your friendship perfectly.


Shown: Postcard “You are the sweetest”, Lucky Charm Bracelet “Heart” Gold, A5 Calendar “Jungle” 2019/20, World Map with Stickers, Passport Cover, Star Sign Card “Leo”, Mug “You go, girl”

If your best friend is a true adventurer, he or she will love the golden passport cover and world map with stickers for customization! Collect all the countries you’ve visited together and memories you’ve shared in the passport and on the world map. For some extra luck in life, the cute lucky charm bracelet with a little heart charm in silver and gold is the perfect gift. Pair the bracelet with the star sign postcard for an extra individual and lovely birthday present. Is your best friend a total power woman? Then our A5 calendar for 2019/20 is the perfect match! The “You go, girl” mug makes sure she starts her day with the right attitude and some sweet words on a gorgeous postcard make this gift perfect.

The perfect gift for your girlfriend and wife

The next anniversary or your girlfriend’s birthday is just around the corner and you still don’t have a fitting gift? Take a look at our collection of awesome things to gift to your wife, girlfriend or crush!


Shown: Poster 40x50cm “Beautiful”, Love Bracelet Silver, Oversize T-Shirt “Design the life you love” White, Heart Ring Gold, Ear Studs “Heart” Gold, Beauty Bag Rose Gold, Mug “Hello Beautiful”

A total cliche but oh so true: Most women just love jewelry! Especially, when it shows how much they mean to you. The adjustable heart ring and the heart ear studs in silver and gold are the perfect match for your soulmate. Pair the shiny pieces with the oversized shirt “Design the life you love” and the love bracelet to gift an outfit that’s filled with love. The rose gold beauty bag makes sure your girlfriend is thinking of you wherever she goes. Get her the mug “Hello Beautiful” as the perfect office gift. That way, she will be the one with the best mug at work and best partner at home! Gifting flowers is great but gifting a poster with flowers and a lovely message is even better! Give your girlfriend this extra stylish poster in red and pink for her next birthday and let her enjoy the gorgeous flowers 365 days a year.

Gifts for the boyfriend and husband

Finding a good gift for your boyfriend or husband isn’t an easy task. Best case, it’s practical and nice to look at at the same time!


Shown: Laundry Bags, Postcard Gold “Champagne”, Daily Planner Black & White, Cozy Blanket Grey-White 170x130cm, To-do List Blue, Letter Print A3 “T” Green

You don’t have to be a workaholic to enjoy this gift set: The undated daily planner in black and white and the blue to-do list to check off all the tasks! Your man might not know that he totally needs it yet but he’ll thank you later when he’s more organized and finds that extra leisure time slot. Travel enthusiastic husbands and boyfriends will be excited about the laundry bag set that separates clean swimming trunks from worn sport socks. For some cozy hours on the couch, the grey and white blanket is the way to go. Paired up with the individual letter print and a couple of lovely words on the postcard, this gift will loved dearly at the next birthday.

Gift ideas for mom

Mother’s Day, birthday or for no special reason at all - mothers always deserve a gift! We’ve collected some gift ideas that’ll show your love and gratitude.


Shown: Key Chain Grey & Gold, Letter Print A3 “M” Rose Gold, Pillow Case Grey 50x50cm, Mindfulness Journal “100 Days of me”, Notepad A6 “Mindfulness”, Floating Heart Necklace Silver, Heart Ornaments Set of 4, Clipboard

Our moms are always busy and forget to take some time for themselves. But that’s about to change! The Mindfulness Journal practically forces your mom to take a time-out and spend a couple of minutes focussing on herself for the next 100 days. She can note her ideas, dreams and to-dos on the matching notepad. Give your mom something straight from the heart with the silver heart necklace and heart ornaments for decorating. She’ll carry a piece of your love with her wherever she goes with the necklace and that’s what moms really want, isn’t it? For all the business moms out there, the golden acrylic clipboard is the perfect stylish fit! Combine it with the grey key chain and letter print for the office and put a birthday smile on her face!

Small gifts for the best colleagues

Work colleagues are more than just people you share an office with. Colleagues are a second family that deserve to be showered with love and little gifts on their birthday!


Shown: Scissors, Stapler, Project Planner Blue, Notepad A5 “Best Time”, Mug “You go, girl”, Letter Print A3 “T” Green, Ball Pen Gold

Your colleague’s home is their desk. At least in your work life. And that’s why gorgeous office accessories are the perfect gift! The golden scissors, stapler and shiny ball pen mix work with pleasure while the “You go, girl” mug motivates your colleague to get through all the Mondays that’ll come. The project planner and the blue notepad will up your coworkers efficiency game and the letter print turns the office wall into a stylish eye catcher with a personal touch!

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