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The best office plants | Free watering and fertilizing plan


Let’s add more plants to our offices! We are introducing our favorite and easy to care for office plants with a little profile about their needs and perks. As a little bonus, we’ve created a watering and fertilizing plan to use at the office.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Offices need greenery! The more the merrier. It doesn’t matter if you work as an accountant, a designer or are a freelancer with a home office – there’s always room for some plants to make your office even more gorgeous and healthier for the mind. To make sure your offices are looking as fresh and green as ours, we’ve collected our favorite indoor plants and have created a watering and fertilizing plan to make the plant care as easy as possible for your and your colleagues. We don’t want your new plants to starve or drown!

Plants are stunning to look at and real heroes when it comes to enhancing the air quality. So let’s get right into it: Our favorite plants for the office:

Rubber plant | Ficus Elastica


Super sturdy, beautiful and easy to handle. Rubber plants are typical indoor plants and also perfectly situated in an office! They are total allrounders: they improve the room climate, add some humidity to dry air, bind toxins and filter dust from the air. Make sure your ficus does all that for you by placing it in a bright spot and by adding nutrients to the substrate every two week and dusting its leaves on a regular basis. If the leaves are covered in office dust, they won’t be able to perform photosynthesis as effectively, hence they can’t show their full potential as air-purifiers. So the next time you clean your desk, just add two more minutes to the routine and give your dear rubber plant a good wipe-down.

Bowstring hemp | Sansevieria Trifasciata


Bowstring hemps are very uncomplicated plants and perfectly suited for the office. They won’t get mad if the days go by and no-one noticed that they could use a bit more water and attention. When searching for the perfect spot for your new indoor plant, the bowstring hemp is fine with almost every corner in the room. It likes a bit of sunlight but is also fine in a shady place. Just don’t place it in a completely dark room. But why should such a beauty be placed in a closet anyway? The plant should be located in a rather warm place where it doesn’t get colder than 15 °C during the winter months – even on the weekends when no-one else is in the office. Put it rather close to a heater but please don’t fry it! The Sansevieria trifasciata – which is its botanical name – purifies the air in the office and brings a piece of nature to your working day.

Window leaf | Monstera Deliciosa


It’s back! The number 1 trendy plant from the 80s has fought its way back into our homes. But why stop there? We spend a huge part of our days in the office – and home office – and shouldn't miss out on the monstera beauty while working. Luckily, the window leaf is pretty easy to take care of and makes for an awesome office plant. Place the plant in a spot where it has room to grow and doesn’t get in the way of your colleagues. Monsteras can grow as tall as 1 meter and is an especially beautiful room divider and privacy bringer. It should be kept in a bright spot and be watered regularly and nurtured every two weeks during the growing season from April tol August.
Be careful! Those long branch like pieces growing from the stems of your Monstera are air roots and shouldn’t be cut off carelessly.

Chinese money plant | Pilea Peperomioides


Chinese money tree, ufo plant, pancake plant – the Pilea peperomioides has many names. Die bright, green leaves of the Pilea look like little ufos or coins and are a cute addition to every workspace. These rather small office plants is easy to care for as long as it’s placed in

ZZ plant | Zamioculcas Zamiifolia


The ZZ plant – that’s how the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant is also called – forgives almost every plant faux-pas one could commit – even the long days without any water during the holiday season! The ZZ plant has its origin in eastern Africa and is used to very little amounts of water and should be fine in an office with almost no experienced plant-keepers. It’s an excellent air-purifier and is totally fine with any spot that isn’t totally dark or in direct sunlight. Make sure to check the ZZ plant for vermin during the winter months as dry heater air can cause some problems here and there. If you’re often visited by dogs or other animals that like to nibble on plants, make sure the toxic plant is placed out of reach for the furry friends.

Dwarf umbrella tree | Schefflera Arboricola


Big umbrella trees are an eye catcher in the office auditorium while the small ones are perfect for adding some greenery to your desk. They need a moderate amount of water to keep the soil moist during the summer months and they should be watered approximately once a week. During the winter months, they can go a couple more days without water. Umbrella trees like a bright environment, aren’t a fan of direct sunlight and shouldn’t stand colder than 12° C. There’s no need to fertilize your umbrella tree during autumn and winter. Start adding nutrients once the growth season starts in spring.

Golden pothos | Epipremuum Pinnatum


Golden pothos can be kept as a hanging plant or climbing plant in a pot on the floor. Pothos’ are very sturdy plants and (almost) impossible to kill. They like a bright to semi shady spot to hang or stand in. Water them regularly, spray with lime-free water and add some nutrients once in a while to make sure the golden pothos has the energy to improve the air quality in your office.

Create a beautiful plant hanger for your golden pothos with our macrame diy on Youtube!

Arrowhead | Alocasia Sanderiana


This plant has probably the most gorgeous leaves of them all! Ideally, it is placed in a greenhouse. but don’t worry, they can also make it in your office! Simply grab a spray bottle on your morning walk to the coffee maker and spray lime-free water on the leaves of your arrowhead. Repeat that step before heading out of the office and you and your gorgeous plant will be fine! Place the arrowhead in a bright or semi shady spot and make sure the temperature doesn’t drop below 22°C (at least 18° C during the winter) for more than a couple of days. But who likes their office freezing cold anyway? Alocasias like to be watered regularly and the soil should always be moist. Once the first layer of soil has dried, it’s time to water again! Nutrients should be added every two weeks from April until October.

Hopefully, we could share some of our love for plants with you and your entire office! They can change so much and every new leaf and defeated plant illness brings new life into the office. Get inspired by our little list, start learning more about your future workspace plants and create your own office jungle!
Make sure no new green colleague is forgotten or cared for a little too much with our free watering and fertilizing plan.

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