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The perfect birthday party | Birthday planner and DIY party decorations


No matter what age we are turning, a party with our best friends, favorite playlist, yummy drinks and self made decor is always the perfect part of any birthday celebration. We’ve collected the things that simply can’t be missing from our birthday bash!

The good thing about birthdays is that we have one of them every year! We can always choose a different motto, new decorations and delicious recipes to share with our friends and family. For our birthday, we are turning back time and are scrolling all the way down to our very first Instagram posts where all of this began. This year, our party will have a more or less minimalist look with decor in black, white, gold and soft pink. We’ll listen to our favorite party playlist and celebrate ourselves with a drink in our hands!


What’s the most important thing at a birthday party? The birthday girl or boy! For everyone who simply can’t seem to remember any birthdays, no matter how often it’s posted on social media or saved in the phone, we have designed a gorgeous birthday planner to keep right in front of you! The free planner makes sure you start planning your best friends surprise party in time and remember to call your grandma for her birthday. Luckily, birthdays never change and the birthday planner will always be up to date!



The classic | ‘Happy Birthday’ garland

What’s a birthday party without a Happy Birthday garland? Okay, probably still pretty great but not AS great. You can very easily diy a garland and match it to the theme and style of your party. You either cut out the pennants yourself or get our letter postcards in white and gold - this way to the garland configurator. Punch two holes into the cards and put a cord through to create the words you want to have on your garland. Add some cute details like a golden mini garland, confetti on a string or tassels to create a great eye catcher for the next party!


A pink cocktail for hot summer days | Pink Vodka Drink

For 1 pink vodka cocktail, you’ll need:

  • Grapefruit juice
  • Spicy ginger lemonade
  • ¼ lemon
  • 4 cl Vodka



  1. Fill your glass with crushed ice and squeeze lemon juice over it.
  2. Pour in the grapefruit juice until the glass is filled by ⅔, add vodka and top off with spicy ginger lemonade.
  3. Stir and enjoy!


It wouldn’t be a party drink without a festive garnish. So we’re adding a rosemary twig and our cocktail pick designs! Download the free templates here for free and decorate your cocktails, cupcakes and gifts for the next party.



The ultimate decor piece | Balloon garland

We have to admit that a balloon garland doesn’t really come to our mind when thinking of minimalist party decor. But we’ve tried to make it work and we think we did a great job! To recreate this balloon arch, follow our diy.

You’ll need:

  • Balloons
  • Transparent tape or garland stripes
  • Double sided adhesive tape
  • A few twigs of green leaves
  • A balloon pump or a lot of breath


And that’s how you do it:

  1. Cut a string thats a bit longer than your garland should be. We’ll be knotting the balloons to it, so it’ll get shorter.
  2. Blow up your balloons to different sizes.
  3. Arrange small and bigger ones and knot them to your string for the perfect not so perfect look.
  4. We are using a couple twigs of fern in our garland. You can easily tape them to your balloons with some clear tape.
  5. Time to put your garland up! Use double sided adhesive tape to stick it to the wall. Ready to party!


The decorations are up, the guests can come and the dance floor is ready for the night. Turn up the speakers, start our Girl Time playlist on Spotify and celebrate that birthday like it only comes once a year!


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