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The perfect planner for my needs


In need for a new planner and still no idea which one is the best option for you? We might be able to help! Just read what some of the JO & JUDY girls have to say about their ultimate planner and why they’ve chosen this exact one.

Go ahead, get inspired!


Heavy planning in soft rosy tones with the Planner A5 2017/18

“As a student, I just need to stay on top of things. Coursework, deadlines, last minute projects, meet ups with fellow students - it usually happens all at once. That’s why I always keep my planner right by my side. The A5 format is big enough for all my notes and appointments and small enough to fit into my bag. The semesters don’t start with the new year, so the option of using a planner that starts in the middle of the year is perfect for what I need. And on top of all the practical things, it’s just extremely gorgeous!”
- Lena


Planning on the road with the Pocket Planner

“It’s not only the size that makes this simplistic planner the ultimate choice for me. I’m also really into black and white interior decor and clothes and this planner just suits my aesthetics perfectly. It’s super easy to pop into my bag or on the passenger seat and head out to the next meeting. The extra note pages in the back are perfect for a scribble here and a new contact there.”
- Christina


Pretty in Pink with the Planner A5 2018

“Okay, 2018 is not here yet but I’m already so excited to start using my new planner. I do have a couple of things already planned for 2018, so it’s about time to fill this awesome customized planner. All my meetings and new project can be planned on separate pages and the extra storage in the back of my planner keeps my financial planner right where I need it. No one but me can claim this baby as their own, it’s got my name on it!”
- Judith


A big format for big ideas - the Daily Planner

“Being creative and staying organized can be a bit tricky sometimes. I just need space for my thoughts and cannot be limited by the size of my planner. With a whole page per day and some extra blank space, the Daily Planner does the trick for me. I always know when my projects need to be handed in and I still have room for a bit of creative chaos. The timeless design in black & white is also right up my street!”
- Marie