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Totally trendy in 2018: Red & Pink


A pink JO & JUDY world

There was one color, no one could get past in 2017 and we are not mad about it: soft and subtle pink or simply “Millennial Pink” took over the runways, makeup-scene, dominated interior trends and was totally integrated in the stationery world. We’ve been in love with soft pinks since the very beginning of our exciting journey and feel a special connection to this feminine, soft and simply elegant shade.

Long story short: We are in love with all shades of pink! But we also love striking contrasts, outstanding designs, unconventional combinations and inspiring discoveries.

No more taboos

We are keeping the soft pink alive in 2018 and are adding some more power to it! A strong red in combination with soft or bold pinks – for as far as we can remember that was one of the color combinations, that’s always been a big no-go and taboo. But nowadays, it’s a self-confident statement that made its way into all areas. Take a look at a few of our favorite designs!



Color blocking in pink and red! For everyone who loves this trend but doesn’t want to go full out, smaller and more subtle accessories are the perfect option. Instead of a bold pink, choose a softer shade and rock that look!



Not only insta-worthy but also super yummy! Get the recipe for the trendy “Pink Latte” here and try it for yourself.



Naturally, we chose this gorgeous color combination for the beloved calendar for 2018/19. And because we just couldn’t get enough, we’ve dedicated a whole collection to this awesome color trend. Click here for the Red & Rosy Collection.



Striking colors for strong women! Create your own look in red and pink - more or less extreme.



Full-on or on the subtle side; you’ve got all the options! Dive right into the pink and red world or find cards and prints and create interior goals without overdoing it.

No matter if bold or subtle – we are in love with the color combination of red & pink!

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