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Travel packing hacks | Packing list for your vacation


The holiday season is on and we can’t wait to relax on the beach, discover new places and leave the daily stress behind. But before we can enjoy the first holiday Mojito, we have to pack our bags. Let us show you, how you can optimize your packing technique with a few tips and tricks.

Write a packing list for your vacation

THE PACKING LIST – Before packing anything into your suitcase, it’s time to write a checklist! Start filling it a few days before your departure. It’ll give you time to add to it and cross out some things you might not really need. As soon as you think you’re done with your list, check it again and think really hard about the necessity of the items. Things like shower gel or a hair dryer will probably be at the hotel anyway and your electric toothbrush will survive a couple of days without its charger - really try to pack light! Make sure you’re bringing back all of your belongings by keeping the packing list until your flight back home. Now you can go through your list and tick off all the things that are going into your suitcase. Nothing will be left behind, unless you want it.

You can find a detailed packing list for your next trip to the beach in our travel planner. As a little extra, we’ve created a free separate packing list for you to download now. Print it and start planning!


PLAN YOUR OUTFITS – When it comes to clothes, we tend to go a bit overboard when packing for our next trip. But do we really need five summer dresses, three pairs of jeans and four pairs of shoes for a week long holiday? Plan your outfits in advance including shoes, bags and even jewelry and take a photo of the finished looks. Choose clothing items that can be mixed and matched with various bottoms and tops. Saves lots of space and you’ll always look stylish! Check the weather forecast before packing to add last minute rain coats or sandals.


3 methods for packing your holiday bags

PACKING CUBES – This method is ideal for everyone who travels a lot. Instead of just putting all of our belongings into one big bag, portion them and pack them into separate smaller packing cubes. Your socks won’t mix with your electrical cords and the geometrical way of packing will save space and your sanity when searching for something particular in your bag. You’ll have to invest in some packing cubes first though. How about these ones?

VACUUM BAGS – Don’t worry about big jackets and chunky hoodies when traveling anymore! This method is perfect for all holidays that require warm and spacious attire. You can use a plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner that’ll suck the air out of the bag or get special bags that push out all air when rolled. Bulky jackets will get a lot smaller in the vacuum, will leave lots more space for other items and the bag protects it from getting wet or dirty!

FOLD AND ROLL THE RIGHT WAY – Anyone who has been on social media lately will have heard of Marie Kondo and the KonMari method. She’s a real organization hero and teaches everyone the right way of structuring, folding and rolling clothes. This method works brilliantly for traveling when you need that extra space and overview of your items. It’s the most accessible way of packing your bag and it’s totally free! Just follow these four steps of the KonMari method for rolling your clothes:


Now all you have to do, is pack your little clothing packages into your carry on bag. It looks super neat, saves lots of space and shows you every single item you’ve packed!


Pack smart - How to store your belongings in the safest and best way

ELECTRONIC DEVICES – Laptop, phone, tablet, camera, charger, headphones - these are all things, we probably want to take on holiday with us. Always keep your electronics in your carry on bag. They are pretty pricey and should stay right by your side and not get lost by the airline! You’ll have to pull all your devices out for the security check, so make sure they are kept in one place for easy access. Put all of the devices and their protective bags into one bigger bag. To make sure the cords aren’t getting tangled, roll them up losely and secure them with a cord binder!

JEWELRY – You want to quickly add your favorite necklace to your summer party outfit? Easy, if it isn’t mixed with all your other necklaces. Prevent the jewelry mess by sliding the necklace through a straw (paper of course, we don’t want to hurt any turtles) and secure it. Now put it in a case for traveling - for example in our gorgeous golden bag - and grab your necklaces whenever you want without any hustle!


DOCUMENTS – Passport, travel insurance documents, boarding pass, hotel booking confirmation - all these documents are mandatory when traveling and to be kept in your carry on luggage. You can never know where your luggage will end up when flying! Pack the most important documents in a folder and make copies of them to keep in another pocket just to be safe. If anything should get lost, you won’t end up empty handed. The passport is every traveler’s most precious companion. So dress it and protect it well! Our golden passport cover will take care of your travel buddy and keep it stylish around the world.

DIRTY LAUNDRY – The longer you’ve been on vacation, the more dirty laundry you’ll have collected. Make sure you don’t mix dirty and clean clothes by dividing them into separate laundry bags. The bags are also perfect for storing shoes, belts and other random items when starting your journey with fresh clothes only.


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