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Travel Trends 2019 | What are the top holiday destinations this summer?


There is so much to see - so how are we supposed to pick just one holiday spot? Luckily, there are a lot of summers coming for us to explore and travel. This year, these are our three main holiday picks!

Sri Lanka: Beach, jungle and lots of adventure


Sri Lanka is not really an insider tip anymore. Many travel bloggers have been teasing us with their perfect sunset shots, elephants in the rainforest and adventurous train rides in Sri Lanka for a few years now. So it’s finally time to see all of this for ourselves. Let’s experience our own memories, stories and adventures!

The best view - Walk and climb the mountains of Sri Lanka

World’s End offers the most amazing view in Sri Lanka - if it’s not blocked by mist! It’s best to plan the approximately three hour round trip hike with an arrival at the viewing point between 6 and 10 am.

Wildlife - Watch elephants in their natural habitat

Udawalawe National Park is home to lots of different animals. Watch herds of elephants sleep in the afternoon sun while the most colorful birds fly over your head.


Never ending terrasses - Discover the tea plantations

Learn about the more than 150 year old history of tea in Sri Lanka, walk through the tea fields and enjoy the view! Hill Country is one of the most popular tea regions.

Just relax - Lay on white beaches

Tangalla opens a world to white beaches in the south east of Sri Lanka. Many beaches are almost untouched and hidden away. Two of the most popular beaches are Marakolliya Beach and Rekawa Beach.

Adventures on tracks - Travel by train through Sri Lanka

The train is one of the most popular transportation options in Sri Lanka. The journey goes through rain forests, valleys and over bridges with breathtaking views and an adrenalin guarantee! Dream destination: The mountain village Ella is the perfect place to calm down, meet the locals and enjoy some delicious Sri Lankan food.

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Copenhagen: City trip with hygge factor


City trips are the perfect time-out if you’re not able to spend two full weeks in a holiday resort. The Danish capital Copenhagen has a lot to offer and your days will be filled with activities without being stressful. That just wouldn’t be very hygge! The nordish harbor city attracts many tourists in the summer months, and here’s why:

Sightseeing - from mermaid to castle

With or with or pre planned tour, Copenhagen has a lot of stops to offer: The old harbor, Castle Christiansborg and Amalienburg, street food markets and lots of awesome places to shop!


Explore the city by bike

The Danish love their bikes - and you can’t miss them! Copenhagen is a total bike city and riding a bike isn’t only a way of transportation, it’s a lifestyle. Rent a bike and explore the city on more than 400 kms of bike lanes like a local.

A picnic in the park with Smørrebrød

One thing can’t be missing if you’re looking for an authentic Copenhagen experience: The danish Smørrebrød! It’s basically just dark rye bread with salted butter and any topping. How about some pickled herring?


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Watch these travel junkies eat all the delicious Danish food in Copenhagen!

Greenland: Eternal ice, untouched nature and isolation


You’re not in the mood for summer, sun and a beach vacation this year? If you’re looking for something a little more unique and different, Greenland may just be the travel destination for you! Isolated, natural and breathtaking landscapes - Greenland has more to offer than small fishing huts at the coast:

Let’s go to the North Pole by dog sled

Gliding over ice with a dog sled. Sounds like a dream? In Greenland, this dream becomes reality! Real sledding dogs are taking their owners from A to B and tourists can book a tour as well for that traditional Greenland experience.


Fjord-hopping in the south of Greenland

There are lots of Fjords waiting to be explored by boat or kayak south from the Greenland coast. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale!

Breathtaking hikes

Especially the summer months are perfect for hiking through Greenland. The trails are more accessible, the sun’s out for 24 hours and the weather isn’t as unpredictable. How about the Arctic Circle Trail for your next adventure?

Cuteness Overload: Have a look at these Greenland dogs!



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