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Turn your plans into reality


Being a busy and hard worker – it doesn't matter if at work, uni or for social projects – is never easy and sometimes not even a lot of fun. You are the one with all the responsibility, either because it's your choice or because there is just no one else to do your work for you. And that's fine because deep down, you love it and need it!

All the fun in being a hard working and butt kicking goal achiever lies in the results you see at the end of each sweat-causing project. Talking of projects, there are probably a thousand different ways to work on them and finally finish them. We, a bunch of hard working achievers ourselves, would love to share some of our insider tips with you, on how to rock that upcoming project!

So here it goes:

  • Make sure you know exactly what the goal and wished for final result is. A vague concept is not enough, unfortunately. That's why you need to do your...
  • ...research! Before bringing anything down in written form, you need to be more than well informed about the topic, financial resources, coworkers, etc. of your project.
  • Time to get messy. Your head may be pounding and overflowing of information and ideas on how to conquer this project and it is now time to bring it all on paper. Let it flow, scribble it down, draw a mind map, put it in a poem. Whatever works best for you! There is no need to be structured about all of this – yet.  


  • Let's do it properly now. The ideas are there, now the structure has to follow. Grab a piece of paper, or even better, your project planner and get started. Find a name for your project that describes it best and shortest. At best, it will always remind you what you are actually working for without getting lost or distracted.
  • Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Make sure you know yours and that you can make it in time. A deadline causes lots of pressure but that's just what we – and you – need sometimes.


  • Achieving many little tasks doesn't only give you more motivation to keep going than working endless hours on one overall task only, it will also make your project seem smaller and way more thought through. Write down a chronological order in which you want to accomplish the tasks and at what date you need them to be completed, in order to start working on the next one.


  • Before working on those tasks, set a reward for when you've finished all your tasks and completed your project successfully. For us, it's Sushi. Because priorities.
  • Now it's up to you, to tick those tasks off one by one while getting closer and closer to finishing. Make sure to track your progress on a scale for some extra motivation!


In the unlikely case of you not having guessed from the photos yet: Yes, there will be a Macrame DIY up on the Magazine soon. We are almost ready to release this precious project of ours and can't wait for your thoughts – and Sushi.