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UNIQUE LOOK by JACKS beauty line x JO & JUDY


A set that doesn’t only look gorgeous but makes you glow inside and out. This unique collaboration between JO & JUDY and JACKS beauty line makes the heart of every beauty lover jump high. That’s guaranteed.

Good makeup needs to be handled with high quality brushes and that’s exactly what you get when purchasing the Brush Set “Unique Look” consisting of four brushes and the rose gold Cosmetic Bag for glamorous storage. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one under the Christmas tree or as a gift from you to yourself to bring an eyecatcher to your makeup desk.


JACKS beauty line – that’s Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert Miriam Jacks and her talented team. With her knowledge and expertise, Miriam is truly one of a kind in the makeup industry and needed her tools – the brushes in all different shapes and sizes – to be as outstanding as herself. An individual design had to be created! As of 2009, Miriam and her team paint all the brushes by hand in their very own style. Her passion for crafts and art is represented by the splotchy designs to mimic the look of a well used paintbrush.

Each of the four brushes you can find in the Set “Unique Look” is also painted by hand. An effort that’s definitely worth the handiwork – a perfect addition to the Cosmetic Bag in symbiosis with the quality of the brushes and the design by JO & JUDY. And all of this made in Germany. Each one of you searching for high-quality brushes with soft hairs and the guarantee that no animal was harmed, will be super pleased with the vegan and extremely soft synthetic hairs of these brushes.


The Unique Look

2 in 1 – how to turn a fresh day look into a glamorous night-time look.

To see the brushes in action and to show what they are capable of, Miriam has created two different looks for you guys. 

Glowy Day Look

A look for every day that’s not too heavy on the skin and adds sparkling highlights to your face. The focus is set on natural chic, that’s perfect for a festive get-together with friends and family. A glowy teint, sparkling eyes and no lipstick to get in the way of cuddling your loved ones.

For a detailed step-by-step tutorial for this look created with our four brushes, head over to JACKS beauty line and watch Miriam getting her glow on.



Metallic Evening Look

In order to turn the day look into a breathtaking evening look, you only need to add two more shades. Learn how to create this seductive look with the help of our eyeshadow brushes from Miriam.


Would you love to create this look right away and step up your makeup game? Get the Set “Unique Look” for yourself or a friend in the shop now! 

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