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Wedding Decorations | 5 Decor Ideas for Wedding Chairs


In church or at the party location, the freshly married couple is always the highlight of the day. To make them feel even more special, we’ve come up with five different ways to decorate their spot at the wedding table!

Name tags make sure that all the wedding guests know where to sit. The wedding couple doesn’t need them though! Their seat shines brighter than all the others and makes sure everyone knows where they can find the happy couple immediately. For everyone who needs some more ideas for a gorgeous wedding chair decoration, we’ve created five different looks:

1 | Romantic Vintage Look


As a base for our looks, we’ve chosen some vintage wooden chairs. We’ve rented these from a local vintage shop which is just the perfect option for everyone who doesn’t want to spend money on some new chairs! The grey and golden wedding chair banners with the writing “Mr” and “Mrs” are a perfect fit for the back of the chairs and are accompanied by flower bouquets with white and pink roses, baby’s breath and a few twigs of eucalyptus. White and soft pink balloons are especially gorgeous for outdoor wedding locations!

2 | Modern Minimalism


This chair decoration idea is almost completely lacking color but looks absolutely gorgeous anyway! White balloon and pom poms decorate the chairs and entire location. The chairs are decorated with the grey banners and hanging bouquets. We’ve chosen white baby’s breath and eucalyptus. Super simple, modern and absolutely stunning!

3 | Natural Boho Look


Boho, meaning bohemian style, is totally on trend right now! More and more couples tend to turn their backs on classical wedding decor and opt for a more natural and nude colored decoration with natural materials. Wreaths and handmade macrames add a subtle eyecatcher to the wedding chairs. To make sure everyone finds their seat, the letter postcards are the perfect addition to this look!

4 | Classic elegance


This wedding decor idea ist probably the most classical one of them all. Lots of white, white and pink roses and chair covers. But classical doesn’t have to mean out of date! The eucalyptus make sure it ticks all of our modern wedding decor boxes and makes the flower choice very 21st century

5 | Playful earthy tones


The last look is a bit more playful and on the nude and soft pink side. The gorgeous grey wedding chair banners are accompanied by simplistic bouquets made out of pampas grass and pink broom. Balloon in a soft pink and white are always a great idea to decorate big outdoor wedding locations!

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