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Wedding gift ideas | How to create gorgeous gifts with cash


Wedding season is in full swing but you’re still missing a few creative ideas for gifts? The bride and groom often wish for financial support and that’s the reason why we’ve collected three different ways to wrap and create something gorgeous with cash!

Last-minute wedding gift with cash butterflies

This wedding gift is the perfect last-minute solution and looks stunning and totally romantic! All you need is:

  • a jar with a lid
  • thin wire or thread
  • tape or a hot glue gun
  • banknotes


Ready to start with your origami butterflies? We aren’t claiming to have reinvented the art of folding banknotes and were massively inspired by all the great tutorials out there. We followed this YouTube tutorial on cash origami and can highly recommend you give it a watch too!

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

If you’ve followed the instructions in the video correctly, your butterflies should look something like ours! We’ve combined the two bills with a thin golden wire and kept it quite long.

Depending on the amount of cash, you’ll be left with more of less butterflies. If you want to add a few more butterflies without spending more money, diy a couple of them with paper and add them to the thread. Glue the ends of the wires or string to the bottom of the lid and make sure the butterflies dangle and fly at a nice height in the glass.

Already done with the last-minute wedding gift! For a bit more fun, add glitter, confetti or some fairy lights to the glass and let your creativity shine.

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

Quick and personal gift with cash in a picture frame

You won’t need any origami skills for this wedding gift, promised! We’ve created a few different lettering templates for picture frames and that is all you need:

  • Lettering template - download them here for free -
  • a picture frame
  • construction paper
  • tape
  • banknotes


You can find the following templates with our typo: just love, the beginning, Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mr, Mrs and Mrs.

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

Copy the letterings to your construction paper or use the download as a stencil for your paper. Cut out the letters and place it behind the glass in your frame. You can alter the size of the templates by printing them bigger or smaller to fit your picture frame perfectly!

Now it’s time to arrange the bills. Tape them to the cardboard back of the frame and make sure to use tape that peels off without leaving any damage.

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

The DIY is suited for any amount of cash and wraps it in style!

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

Creative gift ideas with flowers made out of cash

This one is very special and a bit more advanced wedding gift with cash. We’ve created a flower box in the shape of a heart with flowers made out of banknotes that’ll be the highlight on the table with all the presents at the wedding.

This is all you’ll need:

  • a box
  • floral foam
  • fake flowers
  • thin wire
  • banknotes


Let’s start!

First off, fill the box with floral foam. You can purchase the foam at the florists and it’s super easy to work with. Leave about 2 cm of space at the top of cardboard box to make sure the foam doesn’t show once the flowers are attached.

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

We did a little google search to find a flower origami DIY we liked and ended up with these gorgeous cash flowers! You’ll need three bills per flower:

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

The amount of money and hence the color of your bills will define the color scheme of your box and fake flowers. We went with a reddish pink and blueish green concept!

For the last step, stick the fake flower heads into the floral foam and add the cash flowers in between, creating a gorgeous arrangement. Done, your floral masterpiece is ready for a big entry at the next wedding!/

Geldgeschenke zur Hochzeit

Cash wedding gifts FAQ

How much cash should I give for a wedding gift?

That totally depends on you and your budget but we’ve found these guidelines rather appropriate:

As an acquaintance/a plus one: ±€50;

As a good/close friend: +€50

As a friend of the family: ±€100

A a family member: ±€200


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