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Workspace Situation - Making the Desk Yours


So, how is your workspace situation looking at the moment? Room for some improvement? Great – keep on reading then!

If you are tired of looking at the same old keyboard and blank wall for 8 hours straight, we have some ideas on how to change up things for the better. There are ways to personalize every desk or office area, no matter how strict the decoration policies at your company might be. Your work moral and performance is highly influenced by your surroundings and you are the one having an influence on at least some of the things surrounding you. So make use of that power and start the improvement for your own sake!

The Essentials

Work with what’s already there. If you have a desk to work at, you most possibly have a computer or laptop as well. Digital devices usually offer limited options for decoration. But what you can do, is putting a cover of your choice on the back or the keyboard of your computer to create some individuality. If it’s technically not really your own device, asking for permission can’t hurt. Another trick is using a wallpaper. Your options are pretty much limitless here! Let your beloved ones smile down on you or put an inspiring quote on there. Sometimes, grabbing a pen and starting to scribble down your thoughts on good old paper helps being more organized and getting started on a new project. Why not put that pen in a nice pen holder for when you are working digitally? A pretty pen holder can add some color to your desk and is very handy if you seem to lose all of your pens on a regular basis. In order to get the most use out of that pen holder, you need something to write onto, of course. Having a beautiful notebook and planner doesn’t only encourage you to write more and be organized, it can also add so much color and personality to your workspace! You can’t sit in the dark, can you? You need some light. Get yourself a nice lamp to not only improve your vision but also the style factor. You usually have the option between warm and cool toned light. Keep in mind that these warm tones are great for the living room but don’t necessarily enhance your productivity at work.


The Helpers

Who doesn’t need a little help once in a while? Chaos in your head and on your desk? Try this:

To organize your thoughts, ideas and things you have to do so urgently, try writing them down. Perfect for short term deadlines are daily planners that’ll help you see everything that you have to do right in front of you. For the bigger projects or tasks that need a little more time, a weekly planner is the way to go. Now that that’s sorted, let’s get to the mess on your desk! You obviously need some storage options! Get yourself some cabinets or storage units to go either under or on your desk. For paperwork, receipts and things you need to have within reach at all times, invest in a letter tray. And to keep all your receipts together, use paper clips or document clips – all sorted!


Now to the fun part

Decoration & Accessories

Plants and flowers – not really a necessity but always a good idea. And they come in every color and form you can imagine. If big or small, if multi- or unicolored, if soft or spiky; they just add so much life to your working area! Another option are candles. With scented ones, the situation gets a bit tricky. I wouldn’t really advise you to light a scented candle on your desk if you work in a room with a lot of your colleagues. Unless they’re in for it, then why not? Fresh smells can help you to concentrate and wake up. Don’t go too big on the smells unless you are working from home and really love all the fragrances. Just as the wallpaper, photos and quotes are a perfect addition to any workspace. If on your desk or hung on the wall, they always add color and heaps of personality! You can also adopt the color scheme from your posters and postcards to other accessories, such as coffee or tea mugs – because you need some sort of caffeine anyways! So why not get a beautiful and decorative mug that adds some more style to your workspace? 


Stay within reason

You – or your supervisor – decide how much you put on your desk and your workspace. Don’t overload it if too much clutter seems to distract you. On the other hand, if creative chaos gets your juices flowing, then go all the way!