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Wrap it up – Christmas Edition


To all of you, who have already bought the majority of their presents: Congrats, you’ve almost made it! Now it’s time to wrap all these presents up beautifully to make the recipient extra happy. In this post, we’re giving you some ideas on how to wrap presents in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Packaging is key


This is probably the easiest and fasted method: Make sure your bought items already come in a stunning packaging. This way you won’t need to spend any time on wrapping them. In our case, the golden Necklaces, Charms and the Key Chain all come in a separate and gorgeous packaging. If you want to add a little more Christmas to them, put them in a festive gift box, fill it with some pine branches and golden decor. Top it with a beautiful card and a personal note and you’re done – easy, fast and super sparkly!

Black & White simplicity 


Wrapping up a poster without making it look weird or damaging it can be rather challenging. We’ve used a black ribbon and wrapped it around the rolled up poster a couple of times. After it’s secured, add a little something to make it look more festive and you’re done with this one! Don’t just wrap your book or planners the uninspired way. Create a little belt out of another piece of wrapping paper in order to hold your Christmas card. Simplicity at its best!

Natural tones


Well camouflaged but still an absolute eye catcher – wrap your presents in earth tones and add a few golden details for a festive feeling. A cord cannot only be used to put a card on your package, it can also be used to add some greenery and smaller gifts to it. In our case, we’ve used it to secure the Pencils Gold to the Postcard Calendar 2018.  Spice it up with a few matching stickers and you’re ready for the gift-giving!

Less is more


Not all shapes look their best when covered in wrapping paper. So why force it when you can just let the design of the items speak for themselves? Take a nice ribbon and some sparkling baubles and create a not-so-wrapped-wrapping look. A Christmas card with some words from the heart will make this gift perfect and it will put a spark in the recipients eyes.

We hope that we could provide you with a few ideas and inspiration to step up your wrapping game. Enjoy the season and happy gift-giving!