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Your perfect calendar for 2020 | Take the calendar test!


Which calendar matches you, your dreams and daily to-dos the best? Find out with the help of our calendar test for 2020!

Take the test and find your planning partner for the new year. Start at the top and follow the arrows with the matching statement. If you’re not 100% sure at some point, just follow both ways and see where you end up. The calendar choice is always purely yours but maybe our test can help you make a final decision!


Your result

Which one is your calendar for 2020? Read all about your test type and find out more about your new calendar.

The A5 Calendar Carmushka 2020


You’re a real girl boss with no time to waste! Early mornings and lots of to-dos on your list don’t scare you but rather get you excited for the future.
Lifestyle, fashion and girl boss blogger Carmushka and her calendar are here to help you tackle all your tasks in 2020 while keeping the focus on what’s best for you and your karma points.


The Pocket Calendar 2020


You’re the “grab a coffee and let’s get going” kinda girl and we love it! You appreciate a cute design but aren’t really up to getting distracted from all the appointments on your agenda.
The pocket-sized A6 calendar in a light blue is your daily partner for 2020 and keeps all your appointments, dates and deadlines in one place. No distractions but heaps of feminine girl boss vibes!


The A4 Calendar 2020


You’re a total badass when it comes to planning projects, meetings and life in general! If a calendar matches your feminine lifestyle, you’re unstoppable!
In the pink A4 Calendar, the weekly planning takes place on two pages with a column for each working day. Notes, yearly overviews and project planners turn this calendar into a must-have on your desk!


The Daily Calendar 2020


You’re a minimalist organization lover with big goals and all the power and skills to achieve them!
The Daily Calendar in a cool black and white design offers everything you need for a working day without distractions and lots of structure. Plan your year 2020 on a page per weekday with a schedule and lots of space for notes.


Calendar FAQ

When does the calendar start?

All of our book calendars a valid for 2020 (January 2020 until December 2020). You’ll also find a handy yearly overview in each calendar.

Is there a separate cover protection for the calendars?

Where can I buy the calendars?

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