Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery


The prices as mentioned on the product pages include the legal value-added tax and other price components.

Once you placed your order we are usually shipping within one working day. The delivery time will vary according to your location.*


Delivery Time

Currently we ship to the following countries – and assume these delivery times (according to our shipping partner DHL):

Austria – 5-7 working days
Belgium – 5-7 working days
Bosnia and Herzegovina – 13-15 working days
Croatia – 5-7 working days
Cyprus – 13-15 working days
Czech Republic – 5-7 working days
Denmark – 5-7 working days
Finland – 8-10 working days
France – 5-7 working days
Georgia – 13-15 working days
Germany – 3-5 working days
Gibraltar – 13-15 working days
Greece – 8-10 working days
Hungary – 5-7 working days
Iceland – 13-15 working days
Isle of Man – 5-7 working days
Israel – 20-25 working days
Italy – 5-7 working days
Latvia – 13-15 working days
Liechtenstein – 5-7 working days
Lithuania – 5-7 working days
Luxembourg – 5-7 working days
Macedonia – 13-17 working days
Malta – 8-10 working days
Monaco – 5-7 working days
Montenegro – 13-15 working days
Netherlands – 5-7 working days
Norway – 8-10 working days
Poland – 5-7 working days
Portugal – 8-10 working days
Republic of Ireland – 8-10 working days
Romania – 13-15 working days
San Marino – 8-10 working days
Serbia – 13-15 working days
Slovakia – 5-7 working days
Slovenia – 5-7 working days
Spain – 8-10 working days
Sweden – 5-7 working days
Switzerland – 5-7 working days
Turkey – 13-15 working days
Ukraine – 13-15 working days
United Kingdom (UK) – 5-7 working days
Vatican – 8-10 working days


Shipping Classes

In addition to the specified prices, we bill shipping costs for each order for a delivery within Germany, depending on the number and size of the respective products. The shipping flat charge is always based on the largest shipping class for an order of several items. The shipping costs are detailed in the shopping cart system and on the order page and are divided into the following shipping classes:

Shipping class I : 4,90 € (Only in Germany)
The shipping class II includes all orders within Germany

Shipping class EU : 9,50 €
The shipping class EU includes all orders with any item outside of Germany

Shipping class worldwide: 25,00 €
The shipping class worldwide includes all orders with any item outside from the EU

For digital contents (e-books, software etc.) there will be no shipping costs.

The legal value-added tax is included in the shipping cost flat charge. Since the value-added tax is added to the shipping cost flat charge depending on the purchased goods, it may be lower if the goods purchased are for lower turnover tax rates (e.g. when purchasing books). This means that the shipping cost flat charge can only be finally billed in the course of the ordering process. However, this cost cannot be higher only favorably lower.

*The shipping time can vary depending on product availability, as indicated in the product description.


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